Bird's Nest

It’s Caviar of the East.

Did You Know?

  • Bell Brand Bird’s Nest undergoes a thorough process of cleaning and sorting to ensure consumers get the best quality.
  • Our selection are thoroughly dried, to ensure consumers get the most value (moisture adds to the weight of the raw Bird nest during purchase)
  • A wide variety of raw and bottled bird’s nest are available at our store to meet your requirements.

Why is Bird’s Nest good for you?

  • Bird’s nest is rich in glycoprotein such as sialic acid (燕窝酸), which helps in an increased metabolism and physiological functions such as immune and neurological systems in mammals.
  • Sialic acid  increased cell tissues’ repair and promoted the cell division and proliferation.

Multiple Health Benefits

Edible Bird’s Nest contains mainly carbohydrates, amino acids and mineral salts. The major ingredient is glycoproteins.

Pregnancy & Post-Natal Health

Bird’s Nest is a good supplement during this period. It gives the mother more energy and the feeling of vitality.

Good For Skin

When consume on a long term & regular basis, edible Bird’s Nest are well-known for its benefits of anti-aging & good complexion. Bird’s Nest is also high in anti-oxidants.

Aids Recuperation

Edible Bird’s Nest contains enzymes and easily digestible gylcoprotein, which TCM usually prescribe for treatment for chronic illnesses.

Our Products

  • 6 Pieces of Dried Cave Bird’s Nest

  • 6 bottles of 150ml Ginseng Bird’s Nest (泡参燕窝罐)

  • 6 bottles of 150ml Rock Sugar Bottled Bird’s Nest (冰糖燕窝罐)

  • Bell Brand Ginseng Bird’s Nest 2x150ml (泡参燕窝罐)

  • Bell Brand Rock Sugar Bird’s Nest 2x150ml (冰糖燕窝罐)

  • 70ml Ginseng Bottled Bird’s Nest (泡参燕窝罐)

  • Sale!

    70ml Rock Sugar Bottled Bird’s Nest (冰糖燕窝罐)

    $45.00 $42.00
  • Premium Bird’s Nest (精选洞燕)

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