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Caviar of the East -Bird's Nest 【燕窝】

Bird’s nest is a delicacy prized for its health and beauty benefits for centuries. 

Consuming bird’s nest is believed to influence lung, stomach, and kidney meridians, and improves appetite and complexion.

With their high glycoprotein content and their neutral energetic property, bird’s nest can be ingested for a long time and by people of all ages.

Freshly - Boiled 【炖燕】

Good things must SHARE!

We specially prepare your bird’s nest upon order.

Available in 4 flavours. Click below for more details.

Festive Hampers【礼篮】

Thinking of sending hampers as gifts? 

Bellbrand hampers comprise of premium items such as bird’s nest, Calmex abalone, fish maw, scallops, etc.

We cater to both corporate and individual clients – you will surely be able to find one that fits your budget. 


Abalones are a much-enjoyed delicacy and are especially popular during Chinese New Year. Bellbrand supplies canned abalone from Australia and Mexico.

Loved by Abalone Connoisseurs, Calmex Mexico Abalone is deemed as the favourite choice. Bell Brand is one of the authorized distributors for Calmex Mexico Abalone.

Do You know how to distinguish if you are buying from the authorized retailer? Click on to find out …

Sea Produce【海产】

Bellbrand has a wide selection of sea produce. This includes Japanese sea cucumbers, Hokkaido dried scallops and fish maw. Sourced from suppliers with long standing reputations in the industry, they are carefully chosen to be sold in the shop.

Rich in nutrients, these products supplements the kidney, blood and improves complexion. 

Easy to Shop

Bell Brand is located in Central Area (Raffles Place). We also provide free delivery for our Gift Hampers if amount >$100.

Good for Skin

Bird’s Nest are well-known to be rich in Collagen and Glycoprotein and promotes cell regeneration. Some say it’s better than comestics 😉

Trusted Brand

Established since 1979, Bell Brand are trusted by generations. Our products are of excellent value and quality.

Quality, At Your Convenience

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